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All the colors of the rainbow on Lesbian Cosmos
All the colors of the rainbow on Lesbian Cosmos
Embrace the beauty of lesbian love with our collection of gifts, toys, experiences, books, and more

Lesbians, then and now...

There was a time when lesbians lived in constant fear and anxiety. Thank goodness, society has progressed a great deal. Many countries have witnessed an increase in the acceptance of diverse sexual orientations.

In this day and age, a lesbian can express her love for another woman freely, and without any fear, persecution, or judgment. Thanks to this freedom, lesbian relationships are allowed to party and be seen as completely natural and normal, like any other kind of love.

With empathy and understanding growing, the once existed barriers continue breaking down, and they pave the wave for a more harmonious and inclusive society.

Person stretching their hands
Person stretching their hands

An Extremely Brief History of Lesbianism

After all the hurt and suffering poor lesbians of the past went through, we are all so damned lucky we are not living those terrifying times again. Lesbians had it rough from ancient times. Every day, these women lived in dread of corporal punishment, or even worse.

But fear not! I have no remote intention of boring you to death or scaring the living daylights out of you about how lesbians were persecuted up to only a few years ago. Instead, let's focus on the present and celebrate the progress we have made.

It's incredible to think about how far we've come in terms of LGBTQ+ rights, and specifically, the rights and visibility of lesbians. Today, lesbians have the freedom to love openly and proudly, without fear of persecution or discrimination. Lesbians can party, celebrate, hold hands, kiss, and express the love for one another without hiding in the shadows.

One of the most significant milestones for lesbians was the legalization of same-sex marriage in many countries around the world. This landmark decision not only granted legal recognition to same-sex couples but also symbolized a triumph for love and equality. It sent a powerful message that love knows no gender, and that all love should be celebrated and respected.

2 women in red and white floral dress
2 women in red and white floral dress

The Journey of Lesbian Cosmos: A Passionate Embrace of the Lesbian Community

Once in a while, something hits you in the face and you can't shake it off. You just can’t let go of it. It's like a spark that ignites all your being from within. Writing about the world of lesbians was just that, the vital spark that started this website.

Writing has always been a part of my life. From scribbling in journals as a child to crafting stories in my imagination, words have been my constant companions. I have explored various niches throughout my writing journey, but it was the lesbian community that truly captivated me.

There was something magical about the way the stories and experiences of lesbian individuals unfolded on the page.

The experience was weird as it was both unexplored and yet familiar at the same time. The more I went into this fascinating niche, the more I came to understand just how important it all meant to me. Putting my feelings and sensations on paper was the ultimate...more

Two women about to kiss passionately
Two women about to kiss passionately

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I'm so proud to let the world read our first lesbian story...

Lesbian Lovers get Steamy & Hot in the air by Drew Aubrey

Lesbian Lovers get Steamy and Hot in the Air
Lesbian Lovers get Steamy and Hot in the Air

Our Story

Lesbian Cosmos is a space dedicated to pure lesbian love. Here, you’ll read about the relationships and experiences of women who love women. Look into our collection of books, and other literature, to find that special gift for yourself or your loved ones.

Love is open for everyone, and no gender barriers can ever hold it back. It’s the most beautiful thing in the world and is there for the taking.

Many are those who express their love by the written word, in the shape of books or postcards, or any other form of gift. You are more than welcome to check out our site and see what tickles your fancy, in more ways than one.

Go through the blog and have a read. I’m sure you’ll find something interesting to grab your attention.

My name is Drew Aubrey, and I’ve been meaning to set up a similar space, or cosmos for lesbians for an eternity. The time has finally come for me to take a seat, and actually do something about it.

At the end of the day, Lesbiancosmos.com has been born.

Drop me a line at: drew@lesbiancosmos.com

You can also connect with me here…

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