Celebrating a Festive and Inclusive Lesbian Christmas

Christmas is a time for love, joy, and celebration, and it's no different for lesbians. Just like everyone else, lesbians have their own unique ways of celebrating the holiday season.

Drew Aubrey

12/23/20234 min read

bauble balls hang on Christmas tree
bauble balls hang on Christmas tree


Christmas is a time for love, joy, and celebration, and it's no different for lesbians. Just like everyone else, lesbians have their own unique ways of celebrating the holiday season. In this blog post, we will explore what lesbians do and watch over Christmas, the best lesbian Christmas movies and shows to watch, whether there are lesbian Christmas traditions, and how to have a very happy lesbian Christmas.

What Do Lesbians Do Over Christmas?

Lesbians, like people of all sexual orientations, celebrate Christmas in various ways. Some lesbians may choose to spend the holiday season with their families, while others may prefer to celebrate with their chosen families or close friends. The activities and traditions can vary greatly, but here are a few common things that lesbians may do over Christmas:

  • Decorating the Christmas Tree: Many lesbians enjoy the tradition of decorating a Christmas tree. Whether it's a real tree or an artificial one, the act of adorning it with lights, ornaments, and tinsel brings a sense of warmth and festivity to the home.

  • Exchanging Gifts: Just like anyone else, lesbians love giving and receiving gifts during the holiday season. It's a wonderful way to show love and appreciation for one another.

  • Preparing and Sharing Meals: Food plays a central role in many holiday celebrations, and lesbians are no exception. Whether it's a big family dinner or a cozy meal with friends, preparing and sharing delicious food is a cherished part of the Christmas season.

  • Attending LGBTQ+ Events: Many cities host LGBTQ+ events and parties during the holiday season. Lesbians may choose to attend these events to celebrate their identity and connect with the community.

  • Volunteering and Giving Back: Christmas is also a time for giving, and many lesbians engage in acts of kindness and charity. Volunteering at local shelters, donating to LGBTQ+ organizations, or participating in community service are meaningful ways to make a positive impact during the holiday season.

Best Lesbian Christmas Movies and Shows to Watch

If you're looking to cozy up with some holiday-themed entertainment, there are several lesbian Christmas movies and shows that are worth watching. These films and series not only capture the holiday spirit but also feature LGBTQ+ characters and storylines. Here are some recommendations:

  • "Happiest Season" (2020): This heartwarming romantic comedy follows a young woman who plans to propose to her girlfriend at her family's Christmas party. However, she soon discovers that her girlfriend hasn't come out to her conservative parents.

  • "Carol" (2015): Set in the 1950s, this beautiful film tells the story of a young photographer who falls in love with an older woman going through a difficult divorce. With stunning performances by Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara, "Carol" is a must-watch for any fan of LGBTQ+ cinema.

  • "The Family Stone" (2005): While not explicitly a lesbian Christmas movie, "The Family Stone" explores themes of acceptance and love. The film follows a conservative family as they come to terms with their son's gay relationship during the holiday season.

  • "Season of Love" (2019): This feel-good holiday movie centers around four diverse women who navigate their love lives and friendships during the Christmas season. With its inclusive representation and heartwarming storyline, "Season of Love" is a delightful choice for a lesbian Christmas movie night.

Lesbian Christmas Traditions

While there may not be specific lesbian Christmas traditions that are universally practiced, many lesbians incorporate their own unique customs into the holiday season. These traditions often reflect their identity and celebrate their love and connection. Here are a few examples of lesbian Christmas traditions:

  • Creating LGBTQ+-Themed Ornaments: Some lesbians enjoy crafting ornaments that represent their LGBTQ+ pride. These ornaments can include rainbow colors, same-sex couples, or symbols of love and equality.

  • Attending LGBTQ+ Events: As mentioned earlier, attending LGBTQ+ events during the holiday season can be a cherished tradition for many lesbians. These events provide an opportunity to celebrate their identity and spend time with like-minded individuals.

  • Supporting LGBTQ+ Causes: Many lesbians make it a tradition to support LGBTQ+ causes during Christmas. Whether it's making donations, volunteering, or advocating for LGBTQ+ rights, these actions reflect their commitment to the community.

How to Have a Very Happy Lesbian Christmas

Having a happy and fulfilling Christmas as a lesbian is all about embracing love, acceptance, and authenticity. Here are some tips to make your lesbian Christmas extra special:

  • Surround Yourself with Loved Ones: Whether it's your chosen family, friends, or your partner, spending time with loved ones who support and accept you is essential for a happy Christmas.

  • Communicate Your Needs: If you have specific traditions or activities that are important to you, communicate them with your loved ones. Open and honest communication ensures that everyone feels included and valued during the holiday season.

  • Create Inclusive Spaces: If you're hosting a Christmas gathering, make sure to create an inclusive and welcoming environment for all guests. Consider incorporating LGBTQ+-themed decorations or activities to celebrate your identity.

  • Support LGBTQ+ Artists and Businesses: Consider purchasing gifts from LGBTQ+ artists or supporting LGBTQ+-owned businesses during your Christmas shopping. This is a wonderful way to show support for the community and spread holiday cheer.

  • Practice Self-Care: The holiday season can be overwhelming, so remember to take care of yourself. Find moments of relaxation, engage in activities that bring you joy, and prioritize your mental and emotional well-being.


Christmas is a time for love, joy, and celebration, and lesbians have their own unique ways of embracing the holiday season. Whether it's decorating the Christmas tree, watching lesbian Christmas movies, incorporating personal traditions, or simply spending time with loved ones, lesbians can create a very happy and inclusive Christmas. By embracing love, acceptance, and authenticity, lesbians can make the holiday season a truly memorable and joyous time.